San Francisco Pillow Fight 2014

My friend David and I met up at Pier 7 before sunset to capture the moonrise over the Bay Bridge also known as “#theothersfbridge”. Unfortunately, the clouds didn’t play along well to our favor and covered the full moon after it rose behind the East Bay hills. Luckily, David mentioned that there is an annual event that is being held at Justin Herman Plaza every Valentine’s Day. So we decided to check the event, which both of us haven’t been there yet before. We started packing up our gear and headed to our car to put most of our gears behind and just brought our DSLR attached with a fast lens for the low light situation event.

It turned out that the event was a lot of fun than we expected and satisfied our trip to San Francisco. The event has started since 2006 and still going up to this year. Though San Francisco is not the original one that started the event. Almost a thousand of people attend to this pillow fight event just to join the mob and hit anyone that has a pillow. So as long as you don’t have any pillows in your hands, you are safe to watch the entire event without getting hit but I doubt that you could resist not to join the fun and grab a pillow and hit everyone unless you are operating a camera like me (haha). Anyways, I had fun in taking pictures of the event and capture every action moment and feathers that are falling off from the pillows.

Here are the photos that I got for this event, and hopefully this will not be my last event here in San Francisco.













A Cloudy Dusk

A Cloudy Dusk

After the rain in the morning, I’ve been checking the webcams in San Francisco to check the condition of the clouds and when I saw that a lot of clouds are coming. I decided to head up to San Francisco after doing some errands, and ended up in Fort Baker.

NYE 2014 at San Francisco with DYAS and Family

NYE 2014 at San Francisco with DYAS and Family

Here’s a firework photo that I took last New Year’s Eve that ONLY lasted for 15 mins that we enjoyed. I am saying it ONLY to contrast it to the length of our waiting time there which was 8 hours or more haha. We just went there early to get a good spot to shoot and parking spot as well which will be hard to find when you go there a little bit later.

So, what did we do while we were waiting? We had a little potluck, brought some various food to eat, and something to drink. Enjoyed every moment with our families, sharing knowledges about photography, and so on.



So yeah, in Gregorian Calendar it is officially a new year to face, to explore, to conquer, and may it be a productive year to all of us in all terms. And this blog that I started is one of the things that is on my bucket list for this year that I just crossed out!

How about you guys? What’s your plan for this year? Hope you all have a good one!